St. Augustine Area Low Cost Spay/Neuter

dogcatAnimal Emergency Hospital of St. Johns County has implemented low-cost spay/neuter services as a community service for St. Johns County and the surrounding area. Help control the pet population with our spay/neuter services. Each pet requires an initial pre-surgical exam with one of our veterinarians to ensure the animal is a healthy candidate for surgery. Once the animal is cleared by our veterinarian, surgery can be scheduled on one of our available spay/neuter days. Surgery openings are filled on a first-come-first-serve basis.

Prices: Regular Price Wellness Plan Discount PRice
Dog spay <60 lbs $140.00 $110.00
Dog spay 60-100 lbs $185.00 $155.00
Dog neuter $85.00 $75.00
Cat spay $85.00 $75.00
Cat neuter $50.00 $40.00

This service is designed for young, healthy pets. If your pet is older or has medical issues, we encourage you to speak with our veterinarian regarding an appropriate surgical plan for your pet.

Please Note:

We do accept feral cats for spay/neuter, as well as provide Feline Leukemia/FIV testing and vaccinations at the time of surgery. All ferals must be admitted in humane traps (cat carriers do not count), and each feral cat is required to have its ear clipped at the time of surgery. Testing and vaccination is optional, but highly advised by our veterinarians in order to help control the spread of communicable diseases among the feral cat population.