Horse Haven Hospice and Rehab Center

horseHorse Haven Hospice is a small facility designed for long term care of horses with a terminal illness or career ending injury. Currently the facility houses multiple horses with cancer, and others with old traumatic injuries which have resulted in their retirement.Typically these horses have previously been under Dr. Williams’ care during their competitive careers. This facility allows them to live out their lives until such time as they can no longer be kept comfortable. Care is provided by experienced equine technicians, and overseen by Dr Williams.

Located in northeast Florida, the horses live in a natural herd environment. The mild winter climate and year round grass pastures provide an ideal setting for these retirees. Both alternative therapies such as acupuncture and chiropractic care are available for the horses, as well as traditional veterinary treatment.

The facility is currently full. New residents are considered on a case by case basis.