• Four is Taking Over the Blog!!! - Hello to all my fans out there!  This is Four, ruler of Animal Emergency Hospital of St. Johns County.  I have decided I need an outlet for my creative urges so I have commandeered this blog for my own satisfaction.  My fans must hear me somehow. In order to prepare for my 1st blog post, I […]
  • Black Cats & Halloween - October is all about Halloween and what screams (pardon the pun) more about Halloween than black cats.  I wanted to give you some fun facts about the seemingly “unlucky” beautiful creatures known as black cats and the superstitions surrounding them. The folklore surrounding black cats varies from country to country and culture to culture.  In […]
  • Rain = Mosquitoes = Heartworms -                 Hello from Animal Emergency Hospital of St. Johns.  How about all this rain we’ve been getting lately?  I think we may need to get Four some arm waders soon just to keep him afloat.  Although, I think he would prefer his own yacht complete with a staff to fulfill his every whim.  Oh wait!  […]
  • October Is National Adopt-A-Shelter-Dog Month! - What breed of dog makes the most ideal pet for your family?  A shelter dog of course!  There are hundreds upon thousands of homeless dogs in shelters around the world right now who are looking for homes and loving families.  October is the best time to adopt a new friend.  Working in the veterinary medicine world, […]
  • Inventory by Four - September 1, 2015 First day of September gives us sunshine and found Four very busy supervising our technicians as they checked in a shipment of supplies.  Being inventory manager is a tough job but Four makes it look easy as he watches over and makes sure the order is complete and correct.  He’s such a […]